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Delivering High-Performance Fiber Laser Marking Solutions for Wholesale Customers: Sunine

In the dynamic world of industrial manufacturing, the need for reliable, high-speed, and versatile laser marking solutions has never been greater. Sunine, a leading global laser marking machine wholesale, is at the forefront of this rapidly evolving landscape, offering a comprehensive range of fiber laser marking machines that are transforming the way businesses approach product identification and traceability.

Meeting the automation needs of wholesale customers

At the heart of Sunine‘s fiber laser marking portfolio is the 20W model, which boasts a remarkable marking speed of up to 18,000 m/s. This exceptional performance is made possible by the company’s self-developed V5 marking software, which provides local execution and streaming modes tailored to meet the automation needs of its wholesale customers.

The Ideal Solution for Coding on Metals and Non-metals

With the ability to produce complex codes and dynamic messages even at breakneck speeds, Sunine’s 20W fiber laser marking machines are the ideal solution for coding on metals and non-metals. These state-of-the-art systems deliver precise processing, a minimal heat-affected area, and highly legible and permanent codes, ensuring that businesses can maintain the highest standards of product identification and traceability.

Suitable for Wholesale Production Environments

Sunine’s commitment to innovation extends beyond the laser itself, with the company’s fiber laser marking machines designed for ease of use and maximum productivity. The easy-to-use laser controller, coupled with a compact design and long lifespan, make these machines a seamless fit for high-volume production environments, enabling wholesale customers to streamline their operations and drive sustained growth.


Whether you’re a large-scale manufacturer, a distribution center, or a specialized vendor, Sunine’s 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machines can help you unlock new levels of productivity, efficiency, and precision. Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative fiber laser solutions can transform your wholesale operations and give you a competitive edge in your industry.

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