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Streamline Production and Ensure Quality with LFIV-25 Automatic Leak Detection Machine by Pharmapack

In the pharmaceutical and packaging industry, ensuring the integrity of product packaging is of paramount importance. Pharmapack introduces the LFIV-25 Automatic Leak Detection Machine, an advanced solution that combines non-contact non-destructive detection methods with exceptional speed and precision. With compliance to GMP and ASTM F2338-09 standards, this machine sets a new benchmark for leak detection, offering faster detection speeds, more precise accuracy, and innovative design features.

Non-Contact Non-Destructive Detection Method: Preserving Product Integrity

The LFIV-25 utilizes a non-contact non-destructive detection method known as vacuum decay. This method ensures that the integrity of the tested product is maintained, without any damage occurring during the detection process. By adopting this advanced technology, pharmaceutical manufacturers can confidently test their packaging for leaks without compromising the quality of their products.

Faster Detection Speed: Boosting Efficiency without Compromising Accuracy

The LFIV-25 employs a continuous testing method, allowing for a maximum stable speed of up to 250 bottles per minute. This accelerated detection speed significantly improves overall efficiency, facilitating higher production rates without sacrificing accuracy. As an automatic counting machine supplier, Pharmapack understands the importance of optimizing production processes, and the LFIV-25 enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to achieve faster and more efficient leak detection.

More Precise Detection Accuracy: Ensuring Quality Assurance

With a detection accuracy that can reach as low as 10 microns for air leakage holes, the LFIV-25 guarantees precise and reliable leak detection. This level of accuracy ensures that even the smallest defects in packaging are identified, preventing potential product contamination or loss of efficacy. By investing in the LFIV-25, pharmaceutical companies can uphold stringent quality assurance standards and deliver safe and reliable products to their customers.


Pharmapack’s LFIV-25 Automatic Leak Detection Machine revolutionizes the leak detection process in the pharmaceutical and packaging industry. With its non-contact non-destructive detection method, fast detection speed, and precise accuracy, this machine enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to streamline their production processes while ensuring product integrity. As an automatic counting machine supplier, Pharmapack remains committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and quality. Choose the LFIV-25 for reliable and efficient leak detection, and confidently safeguard the integrity of your pharmaceutical packaging.

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