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Enhancing Power Transmission with ZTT’s Composite Insulator

ZTT, a global leader in electrical solutions, is at the forefront of manufacturing the composite insulator for various applications. These innovative insulators play a crucial role in ensuring efficient power transmission and distribution across the world.

Meeting Diverse Needs

ZTT boasts an impressive track record, with approximately 350,000 kilometers of successful operation performance. Annually, they produce around 1,000,000 sets (approximately 5,000 tons) of composite insulators, making them a trusted name in the industry. What sets ZTT apart is their ability to cater to different customer requirements while maintaining swift delivery times. Notably, ZTT’s composite insulators have undergone rigorous testing, including the demanding 5,000-hour Multi-stress test in a state-of-the-art STL laboratory.

Strength and Reliability

One of the standout features of ZTT’s composite insulators is their impressive mechanical strength, which can reach up to 1000kN. This robustness ensures the insulators can withstand the demands of high-voltage transmission lines and substations, providing long-lasting reliability.

Compliance with International Standards

ZTT’s commitment to quality is evident in their adherence to international standards, including the IEC series (such as IEC 61109, IEC 61952, IEC 383, etc.). Additionally, they offer the flexibility to manufacture insulators according to specific customer standards, such as AS and IS. ZTT’s capability extends to producing fittings and accessories with unique requirements, further enhancing their versatility.


ZTT’s composite insulators are the embodiment of quality, strength, and reliability in the field of electrical insulation. Their commitment to meeting international standards, their ability to customize solutions, and their diverse range of applications make them a trusted choice for power transmission and distribution needs worldwide.

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