Implementing a Visitor Management System in Schools for Enhanced Safety and Security

The increasing number of English-medium international schools globally has brought attention to the importance of implementing advanced safety and security measures for students and staff. Technology has played a critical role in addressing this need, with visitor management systems  becoming increasingly popular in schools worldwide. Hipla parental check-in software is an example of such an advanced visitor management system that provides a range of benefits for schools.

  • Resource management :

Traditional pen-and-paper visitor logs require staff to manually monitor the entry and exit times of visitors and parents. With a Visitor management system, parents and visitors can sign in and out independently, freeing up valuable time for reception staff. The system can even take a picture of visitors, print an ID badge, and improve visitor recognition, all without staff intervention. This automation can help schools save money by reducing the need for additional staff to manage visitors.

  • Ease of use :

Touch screen solutions are becoming increasingly popular due to the widespread use of smart phones and tablets. The software is easy to use, reduces the need for staff intervention in processing contractors and visitors, and eliminates the possibility of human errors that are common with traditional paper-based processes. Accurate visitor data is crucial in emergency situations such as fire evacuations, where inaccurate records can have serious consequences.

  • Maintenance :

Schools can access real-time data and reports from mobile devices, making it easier for them to manage visitors on the go. This eliminates the need for costly visitor books and reception stationery, which can save schools a significant amount of money in the long run. Additionally, the use of a visitor management system helps to reduce paper waste, which is an important step towards creating a more sustainable environment.

  • Access control:

 The system allows the school to define terms and conditions of access, limiting entry to certain areas of the building to only those individuals who possess the appropriate safety certificates. The system hardware allows staff to sign in and out instantly using their existing door access cards, streamlining building access sign-in into one automated process, saving time and increasing security.


The use of advanced visitor management systems such as Hipla parental check-in software is a game-changer when it comes to school safeguarding measures. The system provides significant benefits such as resource management, ease of use, maintenance, and access control. By implementing a hipla visitor management solution in schools, institutions can effectively safeguard their students and staff by improving access control, reducing the workload of staff, and providing real-time data and reports. Visitor management system is a worthwhile investment for schools to ensure the safety and security of their learning environment.

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