Top 3 Ways to Recover Corrupted/Damaged Excel Files

This tutorial will show you three quick and easy methods to fix or recover corrupt Excel files. If you have any problems opening your Excel file or accessing it, please read this entire post.

MS Excel, one of the most popular spreadsheet programs, allows users to store and analyze large amounts of data. Excel allows you to add various types of data, including text, hyperlinks and tables.

This program is extremely useful, especially for people who have to keep track of every detail. Even though Excel has many features, Excel files can sometimes become corrupted or unaccessible.

To understand the causes of Excel file corruption, you must first learn the solutions to how to restore corrupt Excel files . Below are some common causes of Excel file corruption. Take a look at them:

Common Causes for Excel File Corruption

Stop abruptly closing an Excel file

Incorrectly shutting down the system

Sudden power outage

Your Excel sheet is too big

Interruption while transferring the file

Excel file corruption can be caused by virus/malware attacks

Excel file corruption could result from any of the causes mentioned above.

How to Recover Corrupted Excel Workbooks?

These are just a few of the many ways you can save damaged Excel files. This is the easiest way to find solutions for corrupt Excel files.

Method 1 – Revert your Excel sheet to the version that was saved.

If your Excel sheet becomes corrupted while you are working, before saving the changes, you can restore your Excel sheet back to the last saved version.

If you have saved the file, then follow these steps:

First, open the file that you were working on.

Click on the Filethen > Info.

Manage Workbook will allow you to choose the Excel file that is labeled ” ” when you close your Excel file without saving.

To overwrite an previously saved version, select the Restores option in the top bar.

If you’re unable to save your file,

Click the tab, then select Info and then > Manage

Next, click on Recover unsaved workbooksoption.

Select the Excel file you want to open, then click Open.

Click on the Save as button to save your Excel file.

Method 2 – How to Open Corrupt Excel Files by Changing Calculation Setting

Your workbook will not open if you change Excel’s calculation settings from automatic to manual.

Here are the steps to convert the automatic calculation to manual.

Start by opening the blank workbook.

Next, click on menu & select Options

Next, click Manual under the Formulas category and hit OK.

Again, click on File then > open

You can now locate the desired workbook and double-click it to Open a corrupted Excel file

Method 3 – How to Recover Corrupt Excel Files Using Open and Repair Tool

Excel’s inbuilt tool Excel – Open & Repair Tool can be used to repair corrupt Excel files. This tool will fix the most common corruptions and allow you to quickly recover your Excel file.

These steps will show you how to repair corrupt Excel files using the Open and Repair tool.

First, open your Excel spreadsheet and then go to Filemenu .click Open.

You will need to select all corrupted or damaged Excel files and click on the Open button.

You will need to click the Repair button.

You can use the Repair dialog box to retrieve your damaged workbook.

It is possible to recover corrupted Excel files if the repair succeeds. If something goes wrong, however, you will not be able to retrieve your corrupt Excel data. You will need to select the Extract data option in such an instance.


It’s time to close this post ….. !

It is a difficult task to recover corrupt Excel files. So, I’ve come up with three manual methods to repair or recover corrupted Excel files. These are the solutions you can use to fix corrupt Excel files or make them inaccessible.

It is also recommended that you create a backup Excel file if you don’t want to be faced with such corruption issues in the future.

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