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What supplies do I need to properly reload my rifle?

After you have purchased your chosen rifle and ammunition, you will need to purchase a specialized set of reloading tools in order to properly reload the rifle. The equipment you choose will depend on what your budget is and how much ammunition you need. You can purchase each tool individually, even though starter packs are often offered by vendors to help you get started with efficient reloading.

Let’s take a look at the best supplies to reload rifles.

Reloading Manual

Data sources should not be trusted for indefinitely. Multiple components can develop new ballistic properties over time. This could mean that you need to keep up-to-date with your ballistics knowledge. To ensure safe ammunition loading into your rifle, it is important to keep a current reloading guide. You can stay safe by reading and rereading this manual as often as you need to avoid any negative consequences.

Case Cleaner

After firing brass cartridge cases, dirt and powder residue will likely build up. There are many home-based cleaning solutions that can be used to clean your cartridges for reloading. However, it is worth investing in a brass tumbler case cleaner to prevent any mistakes during cleaning. To clean your cartridges thoroughly, the cleaner uses vibration and a tumbling media.


Reloading your rifle is a crucial component. If you’re new to reloading rifles, a single-stage press is the best way to start. It only serves one purpose, but it can be used to do multiple tasks such as priming and sizing your cases, adding powder and seating the bullet. Crimping the case around the bullet will ensure safety and efficiency.

Case Lubricant

To avoid jamming, you must lubricate your cases when you use a resizing tool. You can streamline your reloading process by using a case lubricating pad and kit. This will allow you to size your cases quickly and avoid any unexpected surprises while reloading your rifle.

Powder Dispenser

It is possible to manually measure each powder charge’s weight, but it can be time-consuming and tedious. A powder dispenser can be used to indicate the powder required for each charge and speed up the process of loading your ammunition.

Powder Scale

An electronic or mechanical scale can be used to ensure that the correct amount of powder is being dispensed for each cartridge. Anyone who uses a weapon can be seriously injured if they over- or underfill their cartridges with powder. If your starter kit does not include a powder scale for rifle loading supplies, you can buy a separate one.


A tool is required to accurately measure the rifle’s dimensions at multiple points in the process of reloading it. You can use reliable calipers to measure parameters such as cartridge length before trimming, depth of primers seated, and other details, according the instructions in your reloading guide. There are many options for calipers, including digital, analog, and plastic.


Many reloading equipment retailers offer starter kits to allow rifle enthusiasts to reload weapons at a reduced rate. You can purchase each component individually depending on your budget and reloading requirements to reload your rifle safely. Do your research to find the right materials. This will allow you to make the most of your executive decisions.

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