Effective diabetic foot care

Diabetes can lead to foot and leg injuries, as well as calluses and corns, bunions, blisters, and ulcers. These minor foot problems can be disabling if your blood sugar is high. You should therefore have a foot care program that keeps your feet healthy. Look for a Bakersfield expert in diabetic foot care to help you with proper foot care. These diabetic foot care tips will help keep your feet healthy.

Check your feet regularly

Nerve damage can occur on the feet that makes it difficult for you to feel cracks or sores. If you have diabetes, it is a good idea to check your feet for any problems. Color changes, dry feet, cracked skin, and sores are all signs of feet problems. The loss of sensitivity can lead to severe health problems. If you are unable to see the entire area, you may use the mirror to examine the underside of the feet.

Avoid Hot Water

It can be difficult to determine if the bathwater has reached too high due to nerve damage from diabetes. A good thermometer is a must to check the temperature of the bathwater. Otherwise, you might accidentally scald your skin. If you don’t check the temperature of the bath, it can cause severe burns or blisters that can become infections. If you don’t own a thermometer, the elbow may be able to check the water temperature.

Use diabetes-friendly socks and foot water

Shoes for diabetics should be more deep in the toe box, and have good top and bottom coverage. It should also not have seams that rub the feet, leading to blisters. Socks should be seamless and padded made from cotton or other absorbent materials.

Avoid Going Barefoot

As going barefoot can lead to injury, you can wear socks or shoes around the house. It is best to wear indoor shoes that prevent cuts, scrapes and glass shard penetration. The small cuts may not be noticed until they are infected. Proper foot protection is important for your feet’ health.

Take care of your feet

Dry feet are less likely to get infected so it is important to dry them daily. Fungal infection can occur if the space between your toes is not properly dried. Towel your feet and remove any sweaty shoes and socks, immediately. Apply a moisturizer to dry, cracked skin but not between your toes.

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The bottom line

Because diabetic foot care is important, one must be aware of the risks involved in nerve damage. Nerve damage can make it difficult to treat cracks or injuries. One might not feel pain, leading to serious health issues. It is important to check your feet every day, wear socks and comfortable shoes, and dry them.

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