Mindray Unveils AEDs for Schools

Schools worldwide have understood how crucial it is to get AEDs. Athletic venues, gymnasiums, and educational structures should have AEDs. A patient’s ventricular fibrillation can be controlled with the electrical technique of defibrillation. Learn about some of the best AED for schools from Mindray.

An automated external defibrillator’s working principles

A person’s life could be saved with an automated external defibrillator, which can restart a steady heartbeat. For instance, a person whose heart has stopped beating can be shocked to restart it using an automatic external defibrillator. First and foremost, using an AED effectively during an emergency is crucial.

The Mindray AED provides intuitive and smart user guidance.

People performing defibrillation should lie on their side with their chest up, and the AED placed close to the patient’s ear.

Once the electrodes have been located, the electrode patch is rapidly put to the patient’s chest, and the line from the patch is linked to the AED host to begin heart rate monitoring.

If the patient develops ventricular fibrillation in the third stage, the device will alert and warn. Make sure no one has touched the patient or declared it “safe” before pushing the “shock” button.

The capacitor frequently charges automatically during rhythm analysis for defibrillation in response to auditory or visual input. For instance, the patient can have severe convulsions while being shocked, so CPR must be restarted immediately.


Mindray‘s equipment continuously monitors the patient’s pulse rate for continued CPR and to alert oncoming ambulance staff. Additionally, Mindray’s website has all the details on its premium AED for schools.

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