Get the Answers to Your Ski Goggles Questions

You can enjoy your winter vacation snowboarding or skiing by investing in good quality sports goggles. These unique goggles can protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays and snow blindness. If you have prescription glasses, don’t worry about them. Get a prescription for ski goggles instead.

Ski Goggles Prescription: What You Need To Know

Finding the right pair for you can be as difficult as climbing a mountain with black diamonds. This article will answer some questions about ski goggles so you can navigate down the mountain or resort with clarity and comfort.

Which Ski Prescription Gloves Are the Best?

Two magnetized spherical lenses will make your ski prescription goggles more comfortable. These lenses have curved axes that are horizontal and vertical, giving them the appearance of being cut from a sphere. Spherical lenses are able to reduce glare, unlike traditional cylindrical lenses which only curve on the horizontal axis. They also have a larger surface area because of the outward curve. This reduces the chances of fogging.

Do You Need to Wear Prescription Glasses Under Your Ski Goggles?

Sports goggles are not recommended for use over prescription glasses. They can be worn over prescription eyeglasses or OTG. Your glasses will always be closer to your skin than an insert, no matter how they are made. This can increase the chance of fogging. You should instead use a ski prescription insert that fits in your goggles’ natural venting channel.

What makes Spherical Lenses so Unique?

Although the spherical lens design has been used in the eyewear industry since the early days, many people are not aware of its benefits. Because the spherical lens (or rounded lens) is designed to allow light to pass directly through the lens material, it allows light to travel directly to the eyes. A custom-cut magnetized, spherical insert for the ski prescription goggle fits snugly against the lens shield. It increases clarity, reduces fog, and improves skier safety.

Is the Color of the Lens Important?

Snow is both white and brightly colored, so it may be difficult to see differences in its texture. It is important to choose a base color for your lens that has contrast. Amber lenses are recommended for situations where the sky is cloudy or the path is not well lit.

Brown lenses, on the other hand are more flexible under different lighting conditions and environments. Red-colored lenses perform best in misty and overcast environments.

What do the numbers on your prescription mean?

Your prescription will contain primary values for nearsightedness, hyperopia, and astigmatism. The strength of your prescription will depend on how far it is from zero (or below), and excludes the axis measurement. The axis measures from 0 to 180 degrees. The pupil distance (or PD) is used to align your pupils to the optical center of your lenses.

Which Color Lens Is Best for Bright Days?

When the sun is shining brightly, prescription lenses made of brown-like gold are great for snowboarding and skiing. They are often high in VLT ratings and have a tendency to create a lot of shadow. Brown ski goggle lenses are known for being able to handle intense sunlight well. They may also enhance depth perception while skiing.

Prescription ski goggles without an insert?

Each prescription ski goggles lens is made from two different lens blanks. An insert is required to place a prescription on a ski goggle. The shield of a goggle has a single-piece design. An insert will be added to every pair of prescription goggles with a single-piece lens during manufacturing. You can also transfer your insert to your new ski prescription goggles if you need to make any changes or updates.

If you have prescription glasses, a prescription for ski goggles is required. It will prevent blurry vision. These glasses will be worn under your ski goggles in such cases.

As we have discussed, this is not always the best option. Contacts are also not a good idea. You will need to have prescription ski goggles and lenses that fit comfortably in your goggles.

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