The Benefits of App-Compatible Equipment

Although you may not be able to be there every day, technology, especially mobile apps, allows you to manage your garden from anywhere.

It is amazing to see the progress made in home cultivation technology over the past decade. Many of these technological advancements were created to produce larger harvests. However, others have been designed with growers in mind. The integration of mobile apps and cultivation technology has allowed people to have access to their gardens in a way that was previously impossible.

This technology is an asset to the modern grower, whether it’s lights that integrate with cameras to allow you to monitor the health of your plants or environmental controllers that allow for you to adjust conditions from afar.
Mobile apps can be used for almost everything nowadays, from online banking to fantasy soccer — but they are still very new in the cannabis cultivation industry. We thought this was worth sharing because of the huge demand for mobile integrations into horticultural technology.

Benefits of using App Compatible Equipment

App-compatible cultivation technology has many benefits. These benefits mostly relate to the ability to monitor conditions in growrooms such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 from distant locations. Mobile apps offer critical information that gives you peace of mind while away from your cannabis farm.
It is possible to remotely view your indoor garden using mobile apps. This is a great advantage on many fronts.

*Maximizing electricity usage
*Secure the premises
*Manually altering environmental conditions
*Troubleshooting before the problems get bigger
*Additional flexibility for travel schedules
*Hard data to be followed for troubleshooting purposes

Experienced cannabis growers know that it takes a lot of dedication to see a crop from seed to harvest. App-compatible equipment simplifies this process by providing hard data sets that can be used to track the progress of their plants. It also allows growers the freedom to monitor their gardens from afar. These are great assets for indoor growers who want to keep their crops alive throughout the year.

Which Type of Grow Equipment works with Apps?

Mobile apps can be integrated with many types of indoor gardening technology. Each of these technologies and apps serve a different purpose in the growroom. However, they all have the same goal: to improve crop monitoring.

Atmospheric Controllers

The most widely-used app-compatible type smart grow technology is likely to be atmospheric controllers. All atmospheric controllers can monitor and regulate the environment in a greenhouse or growroom. Some of the most advanced atmospheric controllers can be integrated with HVAC systems, exhaust fans, grow lights, CO2 injectors and dehumidifiers.
High-end, app-compatible atmospheric controllers let you make adjustments to the environment in your growroom from your smartphone. This perk allows growers to solve small environmental problems in their gardens before they become major problems.

Grow Lights

Some grow light manufacturers are now integrating apps-based controls into their fixtures. The model of the lights can provide real-time readings of the canopy temperature and detailed images of plants using high-definition cameras. You can see the health of your plants up close and personal.
Many LED grow lights can be controlled remotely by mobile apps that integrate with them. This functionality allows you to remotely alter the spectrum of your LED grow lights, such as changing to red light for flowering or blue light for vegetative growth.
AC Infinity allows you to control your fan remotely from your smartphone using the app.

Grow Tent Monitor and Control

Other manufacturers also have mobile apps that can be used with equipment to grow tents. AC Infinity, for example, recently launched a mobile application that allows you monitor equipment and conditions remotely. Both Android and IOS users can access the AC Infinity App.
AC Infinity allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity levels of your tent. You can adjust the speed of your tent exhaust fans according to current conditions by integrating the app with the AC Infinity Controller 67.

Growroom Monitor

Although they have the same functionality as environmental controllers but with a much smaller range of functions, growroom monitors work in a similar way. Growroom monitors are able to measure the humidity, temperature, CO2 and other parameters in your growroom. Then, they transmit this information to a mobile application. These monitors do not integrate with environmental controls and provide only data. They allow you to monitor your garden but can’t change the environment.

Fertigation System

Many commercial cannabis growers have made Fertigation Systems a crucial tool. They are extremely accurate in mixing nutrients and feeding your plants. Smart fertigation systems are mainly used by commercial growers, but they can also be used in larger homes.
Mobile apps can be used to monitor the quality of irrigation water and pair smart fertigation systems with them. App-compatible fertigation devices provide an instant view of water quality including pH, PPM and TDS. Certain fertigation platforms also allow you to remotely dictate fertilization and nutrient mixtures via your mobile phone.


App-compatible technology is a great convenience for cannabis growers. The ability to remotely monitor your garden is a huge benefit. Mobile apps can provide valuable data that can help you troubleshoot your garden.
App-compatible grow technology has its downsides. This technology can be used to save both time and money, as it gives you a better view of your garden’s health.
There are many free apps online that you can use to grow indoor cannabis. These apps are not linked to any specific technology but serve important functions such as providing information about nutrient intake and measuring usable PAR light.
There is a mobile app for almost every indoor gardening concern.

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