The most detailed and easy-to-understand way to play Uno

Board games have long been one of the most popular forms of entertainment among young people. If anyone has ever experienced board games, they will definitely know the most popular game here – Uno. You can be entertained, make friends from all over, and develop your thinking. Learn how to play uno along New88today Check out the content below!

Learn generally about how to play uno

Uno is considered a quite attractive game from the name to the way to participate. It is quite attractive to players when the number of participants is quite large, with the criterion that the more the merrier. Therefore, this game is very challenging.

The origin of the song uno

Uno is a game that originated in the distant United States. Uno entered Vietnam quite early and quickly became the favorite game it is today.

How to play uno – General principles

To talk about the principles of playing uno, if anyone has ever known the game Crazy Eights, they will definitely understand. Because, the principles of uno and crazy eights are the same. If you can play uno, you will definitely be able to play crazy eights and vice versa.

A game will have a minimum of 2 people, and a maximum of 10 players. Each game, each person is dealt 7 cards. The remaining cards will be placed face down in the middle of the table. The dealer will draw the top card from the face down section. And the card played must definitely be the card that was just drawn before.

Deck of cards used

When playing uno, the deck of cards used is a deck of cards with many bright colors and many extremely prominent symbols. The uno deck consists of 108 or 112 cards, divided into 4 colors red, yellow, green and blue. For each color tone, they will be numbered from 0 – 9.

In addition, there are other special function cards such as:

  • Reverse (Change Turn): This card has the ability to reverse the card round of a round. When the game starts, whoever deals the cards will have the right to go first. Rounds are counted counterclockwise.
  • Skip: The function of this card is to have the ability to cause the opponent to lose their turn. At this time, the next person will have their turn.
  • Draw 2 (Plus 2): This card will also cause the opponent to lose their turn. In addition, the person holding this card will also be able to draw 2 more cards. However, the turn will have to pass to the next person.
  • Wild (Change color): When you own this card, you will be able to change 1 of 4 colors of the hand, depending on the player. At this time, the opponent will have to play a card of the same color as the color just changed.
  • Wild Draw 4 (Change color plus 4): This card is quite similar to the Wild card. However, this card will cause the opponent to draw 4 more cards. Note that when playing, that person cannot hold any cards of the same color in their hand.

Now that you understand each card and its function, how to play uno, what are the rules,…? Let’s find out!

Everyone must know the basic way to play uno

There are many ways to play uno: How to play uno kiss, how to play uno h2o, uno dos or uno 112 cards,… But between them there is still a basic rule that everyone must know.

Use the correct functions of special function cards

Each special function card carries its own mission. You can play these cards at any time without worrying about the characteristics of the card you just played (that is, you don’t need to care about the same color or value).
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It is mandatory to play cards of the same color or same number

What does this card game rule mean? In playing uno, if a card has just been played, the following cards must have the same color or the same number as the card just played before. In case the card played is a function card, the rules of that special function card must be applied.

How to play uno – Combo rules

This rule will apply in case your opponent plays a +2 or +4 card towards you. If you have a corresponding function card, you can play it to avoid having to draw more cards.

How to play uno – Double Play Rules

Double play, also known as double play. This rule means you can play 2 cards at a time. The goal is to speed up the process of finishing your cards. To play doubles, your cards need to have 2 cards that are the same in both shape and number.

How to play uno – Scoring rules

For normal cards, the number of points corresponds to the number on the card.

If there is a Draw 2, No Turn or Change card, 20 points will be counted.

If there is a card that changes color or draws 4, 50 points will be counted.

How to play Uno – Experience playing and winning big

To be able to play uno effectively and achieve success, you need to apply the experiences of previous players.  New88 experts synthesize winning experiences from professional players.

Before you experience any game, you must firmly grasp the knowledge surrounding it. Includes characteristics, rules of the game, how to calculate wins and losses and strategies to play most effectively. A solid enough knowledge will help you analyze each situation to make the best possible move. Once you have knowledge, you will be proactive in solving problems related to uno cards.

One of the first prerequisites is to ensure your experience is safe and you receive the correct amount of winnings. A reputable bookmaker is an address that provides the card game Uno and has received a license from a competent authority. This address ensures transparency from rules, terms, policies to methods and rules of the game.

The forms of betting at reputable bookmakers are quite diverse. Players will freely choose the bet level depending on their ability and capital. Besides, the transaction speed here is quite fast. State-of-the-art international security system ensures you will receive fair payment without any fees.

Flexible in gameplay

There are many ways to play uno to get the best results! It is important that you understand the ways of playing to flexibly change your tactics when participating. Combine skillfully in each different turn to win big.

Keep good spirit and psychology

To play uno happily and completely, you need to keep yourself mentally stable. Because when your mood is happy and your spirit is most comfortable, you can choose the correct bet. Play with the most stable mood and determination not to give up.

Winning/losing too many bets also stops

In addition, you need to grasp the game situation to know whether to continue playing or stop. Experienced players advise you to concentrate highly. If you win too many bets or lose too many bets, you will also pause the experience.

Experience from the players: Bet a little money in the first games. Because you don’t have much experience with these games. You should play the first few games for free to gain more knowledge to participate. Whenever you feel most confident, you can start betting. Experience it with the most comfortable and brave mind.

Betting capital needs to be properly arranged

Before experimenting, you need to set up a specific plan for dividing your betting capital. You should deduct a portion of capital from your fund to best regulate your bets and avoid being in heavy debt. Most importantly, you won’t be too heartbroken if you lose. A reasonable amount of money and time will help you relax the most to start the game.


Players are required to strictly follow the way of playing uno. Only then will the way to play uno become clear. Hopefully, with my recent sharing New88 will help readers have the most general overview of this hot hit game genre!

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