What is Jinhua Explosion? How to Play Most Effectively

Golden flower explosion What is that? For Vietnamese gamers, this is a game that is still quite strange. So how to play this game is as complicated as rumored? Can it make it difficult for Vietnamese players? Follow Neu88 article to find the answer to the above question.

What do you know about golden explosion?

Bo Jinhua, a card game originating from China, uses a deck of 52 cards. Currently, it is gradually becoming a popular trend in casinos here. This game has only recently entered the Vietnamese market. But it quickly attracted the attention of many players in the Vietnamese market.

Basically, the rules of playing card games are not as complicated as many people think. Accordingly, you only need to spend a few minutes to learn and you will definitely understand how to play. For more detailed information about the game, refer to the content New88 Share below.

Basic rules of Golden Explosion

If you’ve ever played Poker or Poker, it won’t be too difficult to grasp how to play Kim Hoa. With this game, it will usually be divided into many rounds. However, it only took two second rounds to determine the winner.

Rules for viewing articles

If they want to see their cards, they must bet twice as much as those who have not seen their cards. When the betting time ends and no one has seen the cards yet, the system will discard the cards to that person. In case the player has seen the cards and the betting time has expired. But it’s not time to deal the cards yet, those with straight or more in their hands. At this time, the system will automatically bet or automatically fold.

Betting regulations

In betting round 1, the number of players can range from 2 to 5 people. Initially, each person will place a bet to reserve their spot. Then, the dealer will deal 3 cards face down to each person. The system will choose one person to bet more, and then the next person in turn. Players can bet or raise more as they wish.

The next round of betting will proceed if there is still no winner. Each bet has a maximum of 2 people comparing cards to each other, a match has a maximum of 20 additional bets. If after 20 bets the winner is still not determined, the system will automatically compare cards. Any player who decides to give up will lose the entire initial bet.

Rules for ranking articles

Ranking and comparing cards in the Kim Hoa Explosion game is done as follows. Refer and remember to easily participate in the game:

  • A>K>Q>J>9>8>7>6>5>4 >3>2>1
  • Special>Three Jewels>Hand Breaker>Golden Flower>Straight>Double cards>Odd cards.

In addition, people need to remember commonly used terms in kim hoa explosion. Specific terminology is shared below:
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  • Three Jewels: 3 cards with the same score, the highest is AAA, the lowest is 222.
  • Straight Flush: 3 consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Kim Hoa: 3 cards of the same suit, not consecutive in order.
  • Straight: 3 cards in a row, not of the same suit.
  • Pair of cards: 2 identical cards, combined into a pair. For example: KKQ, 228, AA6. Among them, AAK is the largest pair and 222 is the smallest pair.
  • Odd cards: all 3 cards are different.
  • The assassin said: The 3 cards have values ​​2, 3, 5 and are not of the same suit.

Instruct everyone how to play Kim Hoa explosion in detail

Bang Kim Hoa is currently available on every online bookmaker, and we are no exception. There are many players who have trusted and chosen to experience the game at our playground. So to participate and experience the game you need to follow these instructions:

  • First, visit our bookmaker’s website. After successfully creating a user account, log in and deposit money into your personal account.
  • On the home page, click on “Card Games”, then select “King Hoa Explosion”. When the game interface appears, click to select the appropriate game room. Including rooms for beginners, ordinary people, experts, masters, or supreme…
  • Next, everyone needs to choose the appropriate bet level. Let’s start with the lowest bet in the room. Then, once you have experience, slowly increase your bet with each game.

Experience playing Kim Hoa explosion from experts

Bang Kim Hoa is considered a simple card game, easy to understand and plays quickly. However, to achieve effective victory, you need to master the rules of the game. Especially applying some experiences from experienced masters, specifically:

  • Keeping a stable mentality will help people calculate and judge more accurately. At the same time, maintaining alertness will help you avoid losing your winning rate.
  • Based on your opponent’s playing style and card reading, you can conduct an analysis. Make basic judgments to make reasonable decisions to play cards.
  • Many people tend to bet big to win big without paying attention to the risks. Remember to divide your betting capital so that you can maintain long-term playing time.
  • Divide the betting capital into small pieces, learn slowly with the pace of play, and have a good grasp of the development of the bet. Take advantage of the double play rule to preserve and increase your betting capital.

This article provides information that we want to share with you about Kim Hoa explosion. It can be seen that this is an attractive game, and brings huge profit opportunities. Wishing everyone success soon, especially big wins in this game!

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